Back Pain Treatment

West Hollywood Back Pain Treatment at Active Body Chiro-Care

At Active Body Chiro-Care, our chiropractors understand that back pain comes in many forms and has many causes. We customize the care that each patient receives, and if you suffer from back pain, we will make sure our diagnosis and treatment methods are right for you. EachWest Hollywood chiropractor works hard to restore mobility and eliminate pain, but we also pay attention to accompanying symptoms such as stiffness, discomfort, tension, and pain elsewhere in your body.

All-Natural Back Pain Treatment Methods

As an alternative to conventional medicine’s narrow focus, we use a whole-body approach to find the back pain treatment that will solve your actual problem. Rather than covering up the symptoms while your injury or illness gets worse, we help you manage back pain while correcting its causes and preventing further complications. Dr. Hogan and his team of chiropractors may use some of the following chiropractic methods to treat your pain:

Manual Chiropractic Adjustments

Our West Hollywood chiropractors often perform spinal manipulations without the use of tools. These manual chiropractic adjustments allow us to relieve back pain and other “subluxations”, or physical symptoms of spinal problems. If your back pain is caused by misaligned vertebrae, you may need one or more manual adjustments to gently reposition them. After effective adjustments, it will be easier to assume correct posture, preventing further nerve and muscle damage. .

Diversified Technique

This chiropractic technique is a variation on typical manual adjustments. Your chiropractor will position your body in strategic ways before applying short, fast thrusts to the affected joints. This high-velocity, low-amplitude (HVLA) technique allows your chiropractor to reactivate neural reflexes and restore motion to very specific, isolated areas, and you may hear slight popping noises as it begins to work.

Thompson Drop Table Technique 

Also known as the Thompson Terminal Point Technique, this popular chiropractic method requires the use of a special table with sections that drop slightly to facilitate joint movement during spinal manipulations. As your chiropractor performs your adjustments, the calibrated table will drop in strategic places to increase the force and effectiveness of each manipulation.

Activator Technique

The Activator Method is another common treatment method for misaligned vertebrae. Our chiropractor will use a handheld instrument to apply very fast but gentle impulses to your muscle tissue. Because the instrument is so much faster than manual methods, the force is more localized and your muscles have less time to tense up and resist it. Because the rest of your joint isn’t affected by these localized pulses, we can focus on correcting the damaged tissue without causing complications that minimize results.

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