Suffering with Neck Pain?

Chiropractic Culver City CA Neck Pain

Active Body Chiro-Care provides comprehensive chiropractic care to each of our patients in Culver City CA and Hawthorne CA. When you visit Dr. Hogan and his team of chiropractors, you’ll get a full assessment to understand the underlying cause of your pain. For many, we can offer neck pain treatment that helps reduce your pain, improve your mobility, and enhances your quality of life. If you struggle with neck pain, call our offices for the help you need.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck pain, or pain in the cervical vertebrae, can occur for many reasons. This type of pain is likely to worsen if you do not receive treatment for it. If you have neck pain that causes you to hold your head in a rigid position to the side for an extended period of time, for example, this can lead to worsening symptoms. The most common causes of neck pain include:

  • Abnormally holding the head in a position – such as when sleeping
  • Pinched nerves in the spinal column
  • Whiplash
  • Sports injuries or other impacts to the head or neck

If you have any of these concerns, you’ll need to visit our team to get the help you need. Do not put off getting treatment. Pain medications are only treating the symptoms for a limited amount of time. We can offer treatment for the underlying cause.

How Your Chiropractor Can Help

When you meet with your chiropractor in Culver City CA and Hawthorne CA, we’ll provide a thorough examination. We’ll talk about your symptoms as well. Our goal is to see the whole picture. We can then recommend the proper treatment for your needs. This may include:

Chiropractic Adjustments: This procedure works to realign the spinal column and cervical vertebrae in their proper position. In doing so, we can reduce the strain and inflammation present. We also use this gentle force to help reduce disc herniation and compression, reducing the pinched nerve pain you have.

Massage Therapy: We may recommend the use of massage therapy as a treatment for neck pain. These massages can help to target trigger points or muscle knots. These cause pain and discomfort. Massage can also help to alleviate inflammation by speeding up the natural healing process.

Corrective Exercises: We may recommend the use of corrective exercises to rebuild the muscle, joint, and bone strength in the impacted area. This can help to improve blood circulation, stimulate endorphins, and aid in reducing inflammation.

Sports injuries treatment: If you’ve been hurt on the field or court, our team can offer sports injuries treatment that will help you to heal and improve your overall ability to move properly. We offer preventative chiropractic care to reduce the onset of such injuries as well.

Contact Your Chiropractor for an Appointment

Our chiropractors at Active Body Chiro-Care are ready to help you. Call our team to discuss your neck pain. We’ll create an effective neck pain treatment plan that addresses your pain and gets you back to your life. Call us today for an appointment with your chiropractor in Culver City CA and Hawthorne CA at (310) 699-9299.