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Welcome to Active Body Chiro-Care’s newest location in Westwood. If you are just getting started with chiropractic care, learn how our team of chiropractors in Westwood can help you recover from an injury and live your life in full health.

Our Westwood Chiropractor Services

We strive to use holistic chiropractic methods to help you attain optimal wellness. We believe our whole body care system keeps your mind and body functioning best. If you are looking for a natural approach to wellness care, where we resolve your health issues without prescribing medication, you will love our services, which include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments – Chiropractic adjustments relieve muscular tension and restore the natural alignment of your spine. Through adjustments, we can relieve the pain you feel in your back, neck, shoulders, hips, sciatic nerve, and more. Whether it is to help you recover from a sports injury or auto accident or to relieve chronic pain that keeps you from living your best life, our adjustments can help you find wellness.
  • Massage therapy – Massage has so many mind body benefits. When used with chiropractic, massage can loosen muscle adhesion, promote healing at the cellular level, and warm up the tissue for deeper adjustments.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle advice – We may recommend that you take certain supplements to support your healing, or incorporate lifestyle habits during your recovery. Implementing our recommendations helps you play an active role in your recovery.
  • Kinesio Taping – Kinesio taping supports your muscles during recovery, helping them heal faster and remain in place. We often use Kinesio taping after a chiropractic adjustment. This special tape holds the adjusted tissue in place just like a pair of hands would. As a result, you heal quickly. We are the premier sports injury chiropractor in Beverly Hills offering affordable Kinesio taping in Beverly Hills and the Greater Los Angeles area.

Our Mission for Chiropractic Care In Westwood

Our team of chiropractors believes in a holistic integrated approach. We combine proven holistic care methods to get the best end result for our patients. We act in your best interests, to heal the root cause of your back pain. If you feel like you have tried everything yet still suffer, we are here to help you.

Dr. James Hogan and our holistic chiropractors in Westwood have training in sports injury chiropractic and keep up with the latest advances and technologies. This allows us to provide the highest level of care for you, healing your underlying health complaints and bringing about a state of optimal wellness. We strive to keep our patients healthy, so that they do not fall ill.

We welcome anyWestwood patients who have illness or injury and who wish to heal naturally. We assist patients of all ages and levels of health, including professional athletes and collegiate athletes who wish to maintain their fitness.

Is there anything that our Los Angeles chiropractors can assist with today? We accept appointments over the phone or via our secure online contact form. Do not hesitate to be in touch. We are standing by to welcome you along your journey to optimal health.