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Flossing Therapy In West Hollywood

A specialized exercise technique which is being used for the relief of irritated nerves has been developed. There are several names which have been applied to the technique. Nerve flossing is also known as nerve mobilization and nerve gliding. The therapy is a gentle excise which stretches irritated nerves. The process improves the range of motion and reduces pain. Flossing therapy in West Hollywood helps ease neural tension in different parts of the body.

When there are hypersensitive or entangled peripheral nerves, the flossing procedure can be utilized. The hypersensitivity of the peripheral nerves can be caused by poor posture, overuse of muscles and severe nerve injuries. When this occurs, the affected nerves become entrapped or recoil, which leads to increased neural tension. The symptoms of the neural tension can include numbness, pain, tingling and muscle weakness in the affected region. The response of the body is automatic and protects the nerve by contraction of the muscles which are close to the affected area.

When continuous prolonged contractions occur, the muscles can become short, stiff and tight, in an attempt to protect the hypersensitive neural tissue. When there is persistent neural tension, a range of other physical problems can arise and affect the myofascial system. When the myofascial systems are not functioning normally, it can lead to issues in normal limb movements, as well as problems with joint mobility. Nerve flossing is often advised by medical experts in order to relieve abnormal and painful conditions.

While most people today have some awareness of the function of nerves, the details and therapy is best understood by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Nerves are present in every part of the body. They make up a continuous system which is interconnected throughout the body and to the brain and spinal cord. The body’s nerves are surrounded by soft tissues, which protect the nerve from external injuries.

The condition known as ‘nerve entrapment’ occurs when the movement of a person causes the nervous system to be in constant tension. One or more nerves can become trapped within their surrounding tissues causing continuous pain, lack of sensation, tingling and muscle weakness.

The special exercising techniques involved in flossing attempt to restore normal movement of affected nerves. It may mobilize the neural tissue from its surrounding soft tissue in order to alleviate the neural tension. The exercises are to be part of an integrated treatment which helps to restore the patient’s normal condition. The exercise reduces the nerve irritation or entrapment resulting in decrease of discomfort and pain.

When the entrapment occurs in the extremities, it reduces the ability of arms and legs to move and stretch freely and in a variety of directions. The pain can be felt constantly or sometimes just upon movement of your limbs.

Specific exercises are available for the upper and lower arms, shoulders and for sciatica. The nerves are gently stretched to ease the discomfort and tautness of your soft tissue. Trained practitioners can apply nerve flossing therapy in West Hollywood for each of these affected areas.