Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Treatment From Your Chiropractor in Beverly Hills

If shoulder pain is sabotaging your tennis serve, golf swing, CrossFit sessions or even your ability carry objects around the house, then you realize just how debilitating a painful problem in this complex joint can be. Shoulder pain can stem from many possible causes, and it may plague you on a chronic basis until those causes are dealt with. Our chiropractor in Beverly Hills, Dr. Hogan and his team at Active Body Chiro-Care can help by diagnosing the nature of your shoulder pain and prescribing shoulder pain treatment to help you enjoy pain-free motion again.

Why Your Shoulder Is Hurting

The ball-and-socket structure of the shoulder allows t his joint to rotate in all directions, mobilized by a set of four muscles known as the rotator cuff. A sports injury, auto accident injury or another traumatic incident can tear the rotator cuff muscles and/or strain their attached tendons to produce acute pain and stiffness. If this happens frequently enough without the underlying cause getting corrected, the recurring injuries leave you in a state of chronic tendonitis. (Work-related repetitive strain is a good example.) Constant or recurring strain on the shoulder may also cause the “frozen shoulder” stiffness of bursitis or set the stage for osteoarthritis in the shoulder joint.

On the other hand, the pain you feel in your shoulder might originate in your shoulder at all. Muscle strains or alignment problems in the neck can easily refer pain to the shoulder area. Whiplash, for example, often causes shoulder pain in addition to neck pain. A modern-day form of muscle strain called “text neck” (from dropping your head to look at your mobile device) can produce shoulder pain sensations. Even an undiagnosed spinal misalignment can send pain signals to your shoulder, especially if the imbalance throws off your posture and affects your sports technique.

Shoulder Pain Diagnosis and Natural Sports Injuries Treatment

Active Body Chiro-Care is your source for prompt, accurate shoulder pain diagnosis and natural, non-invasive sports injuries treatment. Any Beverly Hills chiropractor on our experienced team can study your medical history, symptoms, range of motion, joint alignment and spinal alignment to pinpoint the type of injury or damage you have sustained, and how you sustained it. We can then provide should pain treatment options such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to correct your spinal alignment, reducing muscular strain and referred pain
  • Extremity adjustments to correct misalignment in an unstable shoulder joint
  • Active Release Technique to free the shoulder tissues from accumulations of internal scar tissue
  • Corrective exercises to help you rebuild shoulder function at home
  • Lifestyle adjustments and other suggestions to help you protect your shoulder from future overuse injuries

Contact Active Body Chiro-Care for Shoulder Pain Treatment

Don’t let shoulder pain go unattended or (even worse) try to play or work through the pain. If your shoulder needs a chiropractor in Beverly Hills, call 310-699-9299 today to schedule safe, effective shoulder pain treatment.