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Santa Monica Chiropractic Care for Chronic Pain

Do you have chronic pain? The question sounds much simpler than the answer. It’s quite common to have pain if you are ill or injured. However, chronic pain is pain that lasts for three months or more. It can occur anywhere in the body, and can be mild or debilitating. Injury or illness may initiate the onset of pain, but at a time when pain often stops for many, chronic pain can continue. This is a result of nerves having been damaged, brain chemicals that regulate pain being off balance, or even reasons unknown.

Chronic pain comes with a host of symptoms, including:

  • Shooting, burning, electrical or aching sensation
  • Stiffness, tightness, discomfort or soreness
  • Pain that does not let up after an injury or illness

Unfortunately it doesn’t end here for everyone, some experience other complications like:

  • Fatigue and restlessness, often because pain keeps the patient awake at night
  • Abandonment of activities or an inability to perform activities
  • Recurrent infections or illness due to a weakened immune system
  • Mood changes (e.g. anxiety, stress, depression, and irritability)
  • Loss of range of motion

Pain Management & Injury Rehabilitation: How our Santa Monica Chiropractor Can Help

We understand that chronic pain does not discriminate; it can affect people of all ages and ethnicities. And when chronic pain strikes, it can cause you to live an inactive life. Whether the pain is due to a sports injury, sciatica, whiplash, medical condition or other source, our Active Body Chiro-Care Santa Monica chiropractic team can offer services to get you back to performing your daily activities with greater ease.

Services are all-encompassing—ranging from progressive spinal correction with advanced adjustment techniques, trigger point therapy, massage therapy, traction, corrective exercises, Kinesio ™ taping, and nutritional and lifestyle counseling. Combining specialized chiropractic treatments with nutritional and lifestyle counseling, as well as other holistic methods, is our way of treating the whole person. The goal is to not only manage your pain, but help you carefully reclaim full range of motion following an injury.

Conveniently located inside Santa Monica’s premier gym, Equinox, our health professionals are equipped to guide you through safe, drug-free pain management. It is the non-invasive, full body approach to pain management and injury rehabilitation that today’s wellness advocates have been seeking—as opposed to prescription drug use, which often only masks symptoms of pain without treating them at the source and which can lead to dependency.

Because we understand that patients experience pain in different ways, we customize treatment programs to meet your unique needs, which we identified through spinal and postural screenings, as well as diagnostic tests and a full medical history.

If chronic pain has kept you from living an active life, chiropractic care at our Santa Monica office can assist you with getting back to your life. To receive treatment, or to learn about the advantages of chiropractic care, schedule an appointment with our office today.