What To Expect

Your Initial Visit with our Chiropractor

First time patients of Active Body Chiro-Care tend to have plenty of questions for us. Many of these queries have to do about what they can expect in their visits to our West Hollywood chiropractor or any of our other locations in Santa Monica, South Bay, and Westwood. Since visiting a chiropractor is significantly different than seeing a traditional medical doctor, we thought it best to set the proper expectations of your visits to Active Body Chiro-Care.

On your first visit to our chiropractor, you’ll meet our receptionist and be asked to provide your medical information on our new patient forms. These forms are available online to make this step even easier. Once we have your paperwork, you’ll be introduced to our chiropractor, Dr. James Hogan.

The Consultation and Exam

Your initial exam will include a consultation with our and a physical exam. This physical exam is designed to help the chiropractor determine your condition. This initial exam may include radiological tests, postural screening, range of motion exams and other tests to provide a complete view.

Report of Findings

After your exam and tests, our chiropractor will report his findings and prescribe a treatment plan specifically for your condition. In this report of findings you will be told about the expected length of treatment and the goals that are expected to be achieved.

Your Initial Treatment: Pain Relief Care

Your initial treatment will likely take place following the report of findings. If you are currently in pain, this initial treatment will focus on relieving your discomfort. Patients should keep in mind, however, that the goal of treatment from your Santa Monica chiropractor at Active Body Chiro-Care is long term, lasting relief and wellness. Treatments may include chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue massage and other physical therapy. Our treatments are interactive, meaning we encourage you to share how you are feeling throughout your treatment.

Corrective & Restorative Care

The next phase of treatment is restorative care. This part of your treatment can last from a few months to a couple of years. This phase is designed to bring your body into proper alignment and promote long-term healing.

Wellness Care

Once your body has been restored, you will enter the wellness phase. This portion of your treatment maintains your body’s health and helps prevent future problems. Many of our patients will see us one to four times per month to maintain their wellness. This phase is likely to include nutritional and physical fitness counseling.

Make an Initial Appointment Today with our Chiropractor

Are you experiencing neck or back pain? Have you suffered a sports injury? If so, we encourage you to contact Active Body Chiro-Care at 310-699-9299. Active Body Chiro-Care facilities are located in Equinox premier gyms in Santa Monica, South Bay, West Hollywood, and Westwood. Discover the holistic, natural way to wellness with Active Body Chiro-Care. Make your initial appointment today.